Flip Flop wearing designer/illustrator who drowns in pools of visually pleasing aesthetics.
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New illustration I created to depict the one that got away. I think we all have that one person…….

We all done it some form. Talking to someone you adore via google hangout or skype. 

Sometimes you gotta go back to basics and remember why you fell in the love with art. Free fast sketch when I was in the coffee shop.

Today I went jogging with my niece. That in itself is a victory. Lol. You see, my niece hates running and so do I. For me, I have bad knees. I can hear the creaks and grinding of once athletic knees screaming “please stop doing this to us” but I keep going and going. Breathing heavily, gasping for air, cursing under my ” I need air coughs” and etc. It is here, however, under my cursing, we stop for a moment and took in this view. It is here that I was in the now. A moment to recognize that I accomplish what I set out to do today which was to jog. A moment to acknowledge the beauty that was in front of me, nature at it’s finest. A moment to reflect that even though I was gasping for air and cursing my progress, I did it. Success wasn’t measured by how many miles I did, but by just doing it . That my friends, is victory.

Spent some time in farm country. Farmingdale,nj

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—-Albert Einstein

An Antirobot


'Barracuda' by Christos Tsiolkas tells the story of an Olympic hopeful swimmer that goes down the wrong path and eventually ends up in prison. 

Client: The Big Issue Book Review 


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Tropically Yours

California based design studio Wedge & Lever was approached by Dave Malcolm to create the identity for his feature surf film Tropically Yours. The film blends progressive surfing with a decidedly lighthearted vibe. They created the identity and all supporting collateral for the film including promotional apparel, box art, posters, several skits, and signage featured in the movie.

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